Are you planning to relocate and searching for the best movers in Dubai? Are you wondering about which moving company to choose? Look no more.  It would not be wrong to say that moving is a weary experience.  Here is everything you need to learn about movers in Dubai and how to select the best moving company out of the lot.

Different types of movers in Dubai:

Dubai has a variety of moving companies ranging from specialist movers to full service movers. These movers include:


  • Office Movers in Dubai
  • Home Movers in Dubai
  • Partial Moving Services in Dubai
  • Self service movers in Dubai
  • Truck rental services in Dubai
  • Specialty movers in Dubai
  • Long distance movers in Dubai
  • International movers in Dubai

Home Movers in Dubai:


As majority of expat residents stay in rented places, home movers in Dubai are in huge demand. Home moving companies range from end-to-end movers to men-with-truck who will load the stuff from one place and unload to the other. If you have the budget, visit with the specialist home movers. The team of expert movers will disassemble the furniture, dismantle the fixtures, pack everything in boxes while bubble wrapping the fragile stuff. Everything will be professionally loaded, transported and unpacked at your new place– saving you the hassle and stress that comes with home moving.


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Office Movers in Dubai:


Moving companies in Dubai also cater for the business and commercial customers. It is possible to hire movers specifying in moving stuff from offices, shops and factories.


Partial Moving Services in Dubai:


Incase you have specific items to relocate, you can decide for partial moving services. For for instance, you can call the movers to move your heavy furniture and fixtures etc, relocating the smaller stuff yourself. Partial moving services are appropriate to move from a shared accommodation to another.


Self-service movers in Dubai:


If you are in the mood to do the packing and unpacking yourself, call up a self-service moving company. The self-service mover will park the truck outside your place. Once you have packed and loaded your stuff in it, they will drive it to your destination where you have to unload and unpack it yourself.


Truck Rental Services in Dubai:


Some movers in Dubai provide truck rental services. You can rent a container truck and then get some guidance with loading and unloading. Truck rentals are ideal when you are moving away from Dubai and taking everything with you.